Configuring Your Invoicing Details in Stripe

You can customize the details and look & feel of the invoices your customers receive.

Follow these instructions to learn more about how to configure your invoice details.

Once you have completed setting up your Stripe Account and Tax Details through the Azingo app, you want to configure Stripe Invoicing.

By clicking on Invoicing Details, you have opened this help file.  You can flip between the Azingo App and this helper screen on your phone.

The Azingo app will take you right into the Stripe Account that you created earlier and present you with the following screen:

  1. From here you can adjust several different settings within your invoice template. You can return to this screen at any time to tweak your settings by selecting Settings – Invoice template.
  1. Many Azingo service providers choose to adjust the Default memo, Default footer and how the default prices will display on invoice and receipt PDF’s.  You can choose how to configure these to make it more personalized for your business.
  1. You should also scroll down to Manage tax information towards the bottom of the page.
  2. Here you can add your Tax ID’s that you would like to appear on your Invoice PDF’s as well as name your default.

Congratulations - your invoice configuration are now complete.

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