Configuring Your Tax Details in Stripe

Azingo does not file or remit taxes on your behalf. It is important to configure your tax details so that sales tax is collected on every sale.

Follow these instructions to learn more about how to configure your tax setting.

Once you have completed setting up your Stripe Account through the Azingo app, you will need to configure Strip Tax.    

By clicking on Tax Details, you have opened this help file.  You can flip between the Azingo App and this helper screen on your phone.

The Azingo app will take you right into the Stripe Account that you created earlier and present you with the following screen:

  1. Select the Get Started button
  1. You will now be presented with the Tax Settings Screen
  1. Select Add origin Address to declare where your business is physically located. Fill in the appropriate fields.
  1. Next you need to select your Default Tax category for your business, find the most appropriate one from the dropdown.  Don’t worry if not all of your services/products fall into the default category as you can change these by service at any time.
  1. Now you need to add your Tax Registrations. It is very important that you add the registrations for all locations where you will be collecting tax for your services.
  1. Lastly, please confirm that Enable automatic tax calculation is ON, it should be as ON is the default but please make sure.

Congratulations - your tax configuration are now complete.

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