Creating Your First Scheduled Service, Events or Course

These are usually purchased once but include all classes and events in the service.

To understand the different services you can offer using Azingo click here

Creating your first scheduled service, event or course for teachers, clubs or group sessions.

Adding a New Service

  1. Go to the Service Catalog in the Azingo app by selecting the first icon (page turning book) on the bottom menu bar.
  1. Press the (+) button.

You will now set all the details for the your service

Service Name
  1. What do you want to call your service?
  2. Let's call it "8 Week Beginner Guitar.
Display Options
  1. Type your service description in the first field on the page. The service description can be very detailed. For example, "Join 9 others while you learn beginner guitar every Thursday at the community center at 7pm".  
  2. Now add a service image. In our experience, PNG images work best with all the different browsers, but Azingo supports several other image formats.
  3. hit < Back to continue
Pricing Options

Once you know how you would like to charge for the service, you can set this up in the pricing options. This course is paid for at the time of purchase and includes 8 sessions.

  1. Select One time
  2. The Checkout display name is an important field. Azingo allows you to have multiple pricing options for the same service. For example, you can have your clients pay each time they buy a service OR if you wanted to create an annuity stream, you could make a subscription. If you are interested in learning about one-time services, click the link, or learn more in the Help Center. For this example, we are creating a course price so let's set the price display name to "Course Price."
  3. Next, you are going to have to add in the price. If your price for this course is $200.00 - this is where you enter it.
  4. You can choose how frequently your subscriptions get charged to the client; for this example, let's choose Monthly.
  5. Azingo supports multiple currencies for those customers who deliver their services globally. Currently, you can choose between Canadian dollars and US dollars. We see most global service providers operating in USD internationally.  
  6. Press Save New Price to save this price.
  7. Press <Back to exit pricing options.
Schedule Options

This section is a critical section of the service. For a course or scheduled service, you pick the dates and times it will be occurring, and the customers opt into that time once they have paid.

  1. For example, we are working on a course, so select - Fixed Schedule.  
  2. Next, you need to define the schedule. Pick the first day the of the course and then the last day. Since this course runs for 8 weeks, we will start on Jan 5, 2022, and it will run until Feb 23, 2022
  3. Select Add Schedule - Now select the days you want to the course by throwing the switch. In this case, the classes will run on Thursdays from 7pm-8pm. Now select > to set the times to start at 7pm and end at 8pm.
  4. Hit the < Back Button once you have configured all of your times.
  5. Hit the < Back Button when you have completed your service schedule.
  6. The next field to complete is Auto-book all sessions. Set this field to automatically schedule the buyer into all of the classes for the 8-week course.  
  7. Lastly, you get to cap the number of attendees in the course. In the case of this example, the teacher does not like groups larger than 10, so they would set the Maximum number of attendees to 10
  8. When you are done, hit the <back button to return to schedule options and confirm that you do not see any red exclamations indicating more info is needed. Hit the <back button again
Booking Restrictions

As the example is a course, we will not require any booking restrictions.

Delivery Options
  1. You can choose how you want to deliver this service. Your options are in-person or online. If you select online, you can choose from several videoconferencing or live-streaming services.
  2. Hit <Back when done.

Azingo wants to know where you will deliver this service to the customer. Options included your business address or the address of the customer's choice (i.e. their home or office).

  1. If your service is performed at the customer's address, select Customer address and then hit the back button.
  2. If your service is to be performed at one of your business locations, select My business locations and then hit the (+) to add the location.
  3. When adding the location, you can give it a name, and you can search for the address.
  4. Hit <Back to continue.
  5. When you have completed setting your locations, hit <Back again.
Assigned Team

Here you can select who can offer these services.

  1. If it is just you, select your name from the list.
  2. If you have a team defined, you can choose the team.
Uploaded Files

You can add downloadable files to any service. The Uploaded files are available to anyone viewing the service, even if they have yet to purchase it. Examples include Detailed agendas, a course syllabus, sheet music etc.

  1. Hit the (+) button to upload a file to this service.
  2. You can give the file a Title, detailed description, and URL link or upload the file directly.
  3. Once you have selected the file or referenced the URL hit upload.
  4. Hit <Back to continue, repeat for multiple files or hit <Back again to finish.

You can now verify that you do not see any red (!) Exclamation marks. If you do, go back to the section to correct your errors. Once they are all gone, select Save Service.

Congratulations, you have created your first Azingo Service.