Understanding Different Service Types

Set up your service however you want. Set it for service packages, digital products, subscriptions, hourly billing, lessons, or any kind of mix.

To properly support your business, Azingo can be configured for multiple service types.

  1. Bookable one-time services are appointments that can be booked by either the service provider or the customer (via your easy-to-use website) and are billed for once. Examples include a visit with your business coach or an appointment with your electrician to install a smart outlet.
  1. Recurring or Subscription services are service appointments which can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. There can be multiple appointments (you decide how many) within the payment period. Examples include weekly housecleaning (paid monthly), weekly landscaping services (paid quarterly) or recurring visits with your favorite yoga instructor. These services can be scheduled by you, the service provider or your client through your easy-to-use Azingo website.
  1. Scheduled services, events or courses are great for teachers, clubs or group sessions. These are usually purchased once but include all classes and events in the service. Examples include an 8-week guitar course on Thursdays at 7pm, a Wine Tasting Group that gets together weekly for three months, or a group Yoga class on Mondays at 2pm.

To learn more about creating your first services, please click on the links above or check out our KB articles in the Azingo help center.