Definitions for all terms in the azingo app

Definitions for the Azingo app

Services Page

Service Name

Name your service

Display Options

Service Description: Describe your service. This will appear in your service catalog and on your website

Service Image: Add an image which best represents your service.  

Featured Service: If you desire to highlight this service on your website, turn on the toggle.

Pricing Options

Azingo supports many different pricing options including One-time and Recurring (Subscription).  

A single service can support many pricing models. For example, a landscaper can sell a one-off service or provide a weekly subscription that is charged each month.

One time: Services that need to be billed/delivered only once.

You will need to give the price a nickname, set the price and the desired currency for the service.

Recurring Subscription: Services that your customer is billed for automatically on a regular schedule; either monthly, quarterly, or annually.

You will need to give the price a nickname, set the price, select the billing frequency (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) and the desired currency.

Schedule Options

Azingo supports two types of scheduling options.

The type of service you are creating will guide you as to which schedule to implement. For more information on Service Types please see the linked article.  

Customer Chooses date & time: This option allows the customer to have full flexibility to have the service occur when it is best for them. They can either self-serve through your Azingo portal and select the date and time OR you can pick it for them after manually confirming that the time works for them.  

Fixed Schedule: The fixed schedule option allows you to pick the specific time when the service will occur, this is similar to an event or calls. For example, the book club will meet every Wednesday and have up to 10 members take part either online or in-person.

Booking Restrictions

Sometimes you might want to have some restrictions created for your bookings. For example, a dog walker does not want to be driving 10 miles between pickups, they tend to want to work in a specific neighborhood.

Quantity: If your service includes multiple appointments, you can use the quantity section to restrict the maximum.

Geography: If you want to restrict your physical service area to include or not include specific part of town, specific country, or state you can specify it in the Criteria.

Frequency: If your service price includes a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly appointment you can specify it here. You can also set the maximum number of bookings for this price.

Delivery Options

Your services can be delivered either In person or Online.

In person: The Locations section will be used to determine where the service will be delivered. We will get to this in the next section.

Online: If you want your service to be delivered online, select Online. You can choose from several online platforms which allow live streaming. Each selection will require a connection URL and specific session details.


The locations section allows you to choose the physical location for your service.  

Customer Address: The customer sets the location of where the service is delivered.

My business location: You preset where the service is delivered. You can add as many of your own business locations as you want. Your customer can pick from any of your locations when booking their service.

Assigned Teams

Assign the team or a team member who will deliver this service. This field can be modified should your teams change at any time.

Uploaded Files

You can upload a file that will be available to anyone viewing the service. You might want to have an onboarding questionnaire or even brochures available for download by your customers.  

To upload a file, you will need to hit the blue + icon on the bottom right of the screen.  

You can give a description of the file with a title and description.  

The file can either be linked via a URL or uploaded by selecting the file on your phone.